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About Us

Welcome to the style kingdom called ‘In my Wardrobe’, your ultimate shopping destination for what to wear. Very urban, very chic and absolutely comfortable.

As a mother of a 5-year-old boy, I was looking for fun and quality shirts for my son. Alas, the market offered a whole load of Lyra blends with synthetic T-shirt art referring to motifs that did not resonate with me.

Coming from Rajasthan, I grew up around beautiful floral and vibrant colours and block prints. Another big influence was wildlife and my pet animals.

In My Wardrobe was born of a desire to give my son the best of my upbringing. I am happy that my initial collection was well received. What started with only shirts for little boys, has now expanded to shirts, kurtas, boxers for men and boys and also accessories like toilet pouches.

Peep into our world of classic and uniquely printed Men’s shirts, shorts and boxers. We have it all under one roof. Our products are something you can wear to a fancy restaurant or for just a random day out with friends. Whatever the occasion, these little boys can be attired to most definitely turn some heads. Also, get matching travel toiletry kits and pouches that look extremely stylish to carry and more accessories off our shelves.

Our products are made in fabric cotton and are tried and tested to prove that they are absolutely baby-friendly for your little one. Get your hands on some of our very eccentric designs and prints for your kid’s nightwear that exhibit our love for animals.

The reason we exist today is because of the love, motivation and exceptional feedback we have received from our clients and friends and therefore we aim to reach out to as many people out there as we can to make it our mission to provide you with products you will not get anywhere else in the market.

Start filling up your cart now. Forget the rules, if it makes you happy, wear it!

- Jayeshwari Singh